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Viva La France!

I’m a complete sucker for any kind of themed event – I find the predictability proffered by a defined set of parameters strangely comforting, as it caters nicely to my control freak tendencies. So whether it’s an ‘80’s roller disco evening or a Halloween party, you can expect me to be in attendance – fully … Continue reading »

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Food for the stomach, the soul and the wallet

Good value for money is a true rarity in Cape Town. For three months of the year, when the winter deluge sends the city’s residents into a state of sleepy hibernation, and the tourist flood slows to a trickle, many top restaurants swing into specials mode, adapting their outlandish pricing structure to survive the fickle … Continue reading »

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Braving the Barrack

Barrack Street in Cape Town’s CBD is home to many a nefarious establishment, with the vile Home Affairs Department and Mavericks, the local distribution agent for the Eastern Bloc’s vast prostitution empire, amongst its list of less than glamorous tenants. Barrack Street is where good taste goes to die, so it was with a fair … Continue reading »

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Nacho, Nacho Man

Generally, when I think about Mexican cuisine, I tend to envision plates of cheesy, greasy nachos and tequila-soaked, sombrero-clad party girls screaming ‘Olé’ whilst swaying unsteadily from the bar counter. Whilst these types of margarita-infused nights of madness certainly have their time and place, I’ve been led to believe that Mexican food is about so … Continue reading »

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A Dire Day in Lambert’s Bay

According to its tourism website, Lambert’s Bay is known as the diamond of the West Coast, and the crayfish capital of South Africa. Whilst I don’t have enough crustacean-related expertise to assess the second point, I can guarantee you that diamond is a word that could not be accurately bestowed upon this bizarre little town. … Continue reading »

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